Tropical Bungee Jumping

Tropical Bungee offers bungee jumping since 1991. We are located in the Old Colorado River Bridge, it is 265 feet high, making it one of the highest bungee bridges in America.

Tropical Bungee offers jumps every day with round trip transportation from San Jose. Our departures are at 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Tropical Bungee only uses imported equipment and we operate under the strictest safety norms. We are “the” Bungee Jumping pioneers in Latin America with a great trajectory in this sport as well as in other adventure sports.


Tropical Bungee is NABA certified to manufacture bungee cords.


Since Tropical Bungee opened its doors in 1991 we have done around 40.000 jumps and our Adrenaline Club has 1100 members, (be part of our club). We don’t have age limit, the young jumper that Tropical Bungee has received has been of 4 years old and the old jumper has been 80 years old.

We have Filmed Television commercials for: Levi's, Delta, Lee, Comcel, Mc Donalds; Special programs for national television such as : 7 Estrellas, Expedicion and San Buenaventura, Sports programs for channels 2, 4, 6 ,7 and special programs for international television for countries like Ecuador (La TV), United States (E! Entertainment TV, Travel on the Edge, Get Out!, , MTV Wildboyz) Italy, Brazil, Mexico (Univision, ), Guatemala (Comcel), Panama (la Cascara TV, Gravedad Cero), Argentina (Aerial).


Rates: $75 including DVD of your jump and Roundtrip transportation.


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Who are we?

Camille Vorain

Sri Bilavarn & Celine Pasquet

Tel: (506) 8353 6538

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