Travel tips

When to go?

All year round!
No major difficulties related to climate (not a hurricane, or hard seasoneven if it rains frequently, which is not necessarily a disadvantage ...

There are two seasons in Costa Rica: the dry season from December to April and rainy season from May to November, also called the green season!
Obviously, it is more popular to travel during the dry season, but be careful, this does not mean it will not rainCoastal cities, however, may remain for several months without rain and dust can invadeThey are also more crowded and lively.
Avoid traveling during Holy Week in April. The hotels on the coast are full, beaches are crowded and some local transport does not travel!
Exept the rain, the rainy season has some good advantagesThere are much less tourists, it is much easier to travel with public transportation, as they are much less crowded, prices are more affordable in the rainy season and nature is at its peakThat's why the rainy season is also called green season!
Important to know for party's peoplethe coast of Costa Rica are much less animated in the rainy season.

Travel formalities

All visitors need valid passports to enter Costa Rica and to re-enter their home countries. Costa Rica does not allow entrance if the holder’s passport expires in under three months after the date of entry; returning home with an expired passport is illegal and may result in a fine.

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New Passports

Citizens of Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, and the US can apply for a passport at any passport office or at selected post offices and courts of law. Citizens of these countries may also get passport applications from the official website of their country’s government or passport office. Any new passport or renewal applications must be filed well in advance of the departure date, though most passport offices offer rush services for a very steep fee. Note, however, that “rushed” passports still take up to two weeks to arrive.

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Contact your airline company


The currency of Costa Rica is the Colon
1000 colones = $ 2
You will find an ATM almost everywhere you go in Costa Rica.
The credit card is accepted in all tourist areas, in some restaurants, hotels and travel agencies.
Costa Rica is also known as the little Switzerland of Central America for good reason!
Indeed, it is the safest country offering the most amenities and facilities for travelers. It is also the most expensive country in Central America. Prices are still lower than in Europe.Count on average $ 5 to $ 10 for meals and drinks and $ 7 to $ 15 a night per person.Travelling by public transport is very cheap ($ 8 to $5).
The dollar is accepted everywhere, however, it is recommended to pay with dollars when punchasing activities where rates are shown in dollars.
For food, souvenirs, drinks, bus, taxi ... it is better to have colones.


No vaccine is recommended to enter Costa Rica. Make sure however that your immunizations (tetanus, diphtheria and polio) are update!
There are many mosquitoes in Costa Rica, but they are rarely carriers of disease.



Usefull link : List of hospitals in Costa Rica

Travel with peace of mind

Costa Rica is considered as the safest country in Central America. However, you should take some precautions:


  • Do not walk alone at night and leave passport (take a copy) and credit card in safe places in your hotel. Just take the necessary cash for the evening.
  • Watch out with pick-pockets and especially in local bus. There are frequent robbery on public buses and in bus stations.
  • Passport, credit card and tickets are the most important items. Do not leave them in your luggages during transportation, but always on you, hidden under your clothes.


Beware of scams with Taxis:

Always choose offiicial taxis. They all have a taxi meter. (It start at 530 colones and charge 500 colones per km)



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