Who are we?

This travel agency was born when Sri and Celine, two young French Costa Rica lovers met in 2008.
After traveling extensively throughout the world they decided to share their passion for travel in Costa Rica with the values they hold dear: Solidarity, Respect and Tolerance.

In may 2016, they openned a youth hostel "Cool Vibes Hostel" in Playa Dominical located in the south pacific.


What do we offer?

Why choosing us?

We work in a spirit of authenticity. Each of our providers are committed to developing fair and responsible tourism. Our knowledge of the field allowed us to build strong relationships with all of them.


We travel often across the country which gives us the advantage to have continually updated information, new tips and contacts.


We speak French, English and Spanish.



Sri and Celine


tel:(506) 8353-6428

tel (506) 8353 6538

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Who are we?

Camille Vorain

Sri Bilavarn & Celine Pasquet

Tel: (506) 8353 6538


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